Mustang has been in business for over 150 years, providing a brand name that has been consistently paired with durability, innovation, and first-class customer service.

In order to continue the strong brand relationship, Mustang has provided the following logos for use in your Mustang marketing and promotional materials.

In order to protect the integrity of the logo, we ask that you follow the identity standards listed below when using the Mustang logo.

Identity Standards

The Mustang logo was designed to work with the empty space inside and immediately surrounding the letters to form a clean, active, positive statement about the company.

Therefore it is necessary to keep any other artwork or type a certain minimum distance from the logo. This preserves its formal impact and integrity.

The value of an identity program is directly related to how consistently the logo is used and how carefully the formats and standards are followed.

In order to protect the value, the "" must accompany the logo.

Correct Use of Logo

Hi-Res Mustang Color Logo

Hi-Res Mustang Color Logo

The logo can also be reproduced with the Mustang wording and the red triangle and horse incorporated into the logo.